Postponement CETA damages EU

Press release
Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66) says the postponement of clearance of CETA by the EU trade ministers is damaging to the EU. Schaake: "This postponement undermines the credibility and impact of the EU, it is an insult to Canada, our closest ally. CETA is a good agreement with real benefits for Europe, so this step is incomprehensible. With CETA, we would improve market access in Canada and strengthen our cooperation with Canada to combar unfair trade practices."

Undermining trade policy

The agreement was not cleared because the Walloon Parliament refused to grant the Belgian government to give its approval. Schaake warns for further postponing or even abandoning the treaty altogether: "If we cannot make a deal with the Canadians, then who can we come to an agreement with? Our negotiating partners will not take us seriously. This step severely undermines EU trade policy."

Internal competition

If the EU is no longer to negotiate on their behalf, EU member states will have to do their own negotiations. "This would lead to fragmentation in the internal market and internal competition in trying to close agreements with third countries. Then we would have lower standards and lower economic benefits, because all member states would try to offer third countries the 'best' possible deal. That is not a situation in which we should end up.", says Schaake. She wants the European Council, which takes place later this week, to give their approval to CETA to make sure the agreed timeline can be met.