Press release: ALDE calls for an EU-USA Free Trade Agreement

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats welcome the conclusion of the interim report of the EU-USA High Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth, saying that a "comprehensive transatlantic trade and investment agreement" is the best option for supporting jobs, promoting growth and competitiveness across the Atlantic. Elimination of import tariffs alone could raise EU-US GDP by $180 billion. Marietje Schaake (D66/The Netherlands), spokesperson for ALDE on EU-USA Trade commented: "I call on the Commission and their American counterparts to launch negotiations for a free trade agreement as soon as possible." "EU countries are struggling to create jobs and growth for their citizens so we need to find new ways to stimulate our economy. Key to this is conclude free trade agreements with major developed and emerging economies. The USA is our largest trade partner with EUR 444.7 billion trade in goods in 2011.  If we can remove the remaining import tariffs, break-down regulatory barriers and increase access for investment and services, this could be a game-changer for our economic future. "I challenge the EU negotiation team to be creative and to optimize opportunities, also in cooperating to face new barriers to trade like mass censorship by trading blocs such as China and Brazil. The potential of digital economies is big but requires full market access, transparency and free flow of information.” "A transatlantic marketplace should comprehensively cover ICT products and services and standardization in the IT sector. Intellectual Property Right (IPR) reform should not be excluded from an agreement. The new US-EU Information and Communication Technology principles show the willingness to optimize our valuable cutting-edge industries.”