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Press release: Egypt is backtracking on democratic revolution


Yesterday evening a peaceful demonstration of Copts turned into a massacre by the army, leaving 24 people dead and countless more injured. The ALDE Group strongly condemns this deplorable reaction from the Egyptian Army.

ALDE Press release, 10.10.2011

Guy Verhofstadt, ALDE group leader said: “It is the primary duty of the army to protect the people and maintain order. That is also what the SCAF promised after the revolution to the Egyptian people and observers around the world. Yesterday they dramatically broke that commitment, using live ammunition to end a demonstration. This must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. It is increasing our fears that Egypt is going the wrong way.”

Edward McMillan-Scott, Vice President of Parliament for Democracy and Human Rights added: “It was the right of the Coptic community to go on the streets and ask for a response from the government to the sectarian attack on one of their churches in theAswanregion. The reaction of the army to these demands proves that the SCAF is not the right body to ruleEgypt. Military rule should be ended soon and the SCAF should transfer powers to an elected civilian president as soon as possible."

Marietje Schaake, ALDE member of the foreign affairs committee: “This ferocious attack of the Egyptian army on innocent people proves once more that the SCAF needs to end the emergency law immediately. Although this should have happened already on September 30th, the army prolonged it until June next year. We can no longer accept the deterioration of human rights and the trials of civilians in military courts. Egypt will not become a democratic country the way things are going right now."