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Press release: EU should freeze European financial assistance to Egypt


Dutch Member of European Parliament Marietje Schaake (D66/ALDE), urges EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton to freeze all financial assistance to Egypt in reaction to yesterday's constitutional declaration by President Morsi. The declaration renders all Presidential decrees and laws immune from judicial appeal or cancellation. "President Morsi placed himself and all his decisions above the law. The danger of a presidential tyranny looms. The EU should send a clear signal and freeze all financial assistance to the Egyptian government, until the President will be under the law and subject to judicial oversight again", Schaake argues. The declaration also protects the Shura Council and the, Islamist dominated, Constituent Assembly from dissolution and any judicial control.

Partnership Schaake favors a close partnership between the EU and Egypt, provided that fundamental principles - i.e. the separation of powers and an independent judiciary - are at its base. "The EU also has a responsibility towards the Egyptian people. Democratically elected leaders should also respect the freedoms and rights of their citizens. To ensure this, fundamental constitutional checks and balances are essential. President Morsi is not democratically chosen to crown himself Farao", Schaake says. Action group Recently an EU-Egypt Task Force was launched, including politicians, businesses and civil society actors, in a joint effort to support the transition inEgypt. Schaake: "Economic development is key for a sustainable improvement of the lives of Egyptians, to create jobs and improve education. The EU can contribute to this process, but it also means we have to keep the Egyptian government to its promises and respect for human rights and freedoms."


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