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Press release - Marietje Schaake: 'Egypt is heading towards another repressive dictatorship'

Marietje Schaake, Member of the European Parliament (ALDE/D66), warns for another repressive dictatorship in Egypt. "The laws being forced through by the army resemble the emergency laws in force under the Mubarak-regime, also since July more than 1000 people have died as a result of excessive violence by the military." A draft law which would grant authorities the blanket power to ban demonstrations is causing great uproar. Youth organizations and the movement behind the massive anti-Morsi protests of this summer are crying out in alarm. Schaake: "These proposals go beyond Morsi's power-grab, moreover the country has been without a functioning parliament and a functioning constitution for months." Protecting the values of the revolution Schaake calls on EU foreign affairs chief, Catherine Ashton, to take a firm stand against the developing censorship and repression. "Ashton has rightly tried to mediate between the army and the Muslim Brotherhood, but that did not lead anywhere. The EU now needs to show that we condemn repression without prejudice." Schaake points out that EU funding of the Egyptian government has ceased since the end of 2012 and recommends that this be maintained. "We must take a stand for the achievements of the Egyptian population during the revolution of 25 January 2011." Self-interest For the European liberal group (ALDE), Schaake works on the revision of the EU's largest financial support instrument, the European Neighbourhood Instrument. She calls for clear conditions in the area of deep democracy, human rights and the rule of law. "Past EU policies of supporting dictatorships for the sake of stability in our own backyard are proven foul by the recent developments in the Arab world. The EU needs to set clear conditions for the Egyptian army and emphasize that parliamentary elections must go ahead as planned at the start of 2014; Egypt needs to keep moving towards an inclusive democracy", says Schaake.