Press release: Marietje Schaake welcomes steps towards long overdue EU copyright reform

Marietje Schaake MEP (ALDE/D66) welcomes the announcement by the European Commission to address copyright reform. "The proposals by the European Commission to finally tackle copyright reform are an important first step after years of controversial policies and delays. A shift away from enforcement of heavy policies towards reform and flexibility will help unlock Europe's diverse cultural wealth to more audiences at lower costs." Win-win situation The Commission has presented a timeline. Licensing, improving legal offers and access to cultural heritage are part of the proposal, which will be led by Commissioner Kroes (Digital Agenda) and Vassiliou (Culture, Education) as well as Barnier (Internal Market). Schaake believes meaningful reforms will lead to a win-win situation. "The modernization of copyright to relevantly match the digital era is long overdue. The opportunities for easier access to culture and knowledge as a result of rapid digital developments will benefit internet users, consumers, SME's and our competitive position in the world alike." Vested interests While Schaake welcomes the first step of an important reform process, she believes the difficult work is still to come with the implementation. "It is now time to start the real work, and I have no doubt the devil will be in the details. The involvement of stakeholders is important but it should be an inclusive consultation. There is always the risk of the vested interests and monopolists dominating." According to Schaake both artists and internet pioneers should be at the table. "Europe cannot afford to wait any longer in completing the single digital market. Copyright reform and a harmonized European system are indispensable."