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Press release: Morsi power grab a huge blow for Egypt's revolution and his own reputation


Amid growing protests in Egypt over President Morsi's unilateral decree assuming widespread powers that may not be challenged or questioned, Guy Verhofstadt issue a strong statement of condemnation.

ALDE Press release, 23.11.2012

"The path to democracy cannot be secured by a new kind of dictatorship. Even if his intentions are benign, Morsi has given himself more power than Mubarak ever had. We support the reaction of Amr Moussa and Ayman Nour, partners of ALDE through the network Arabs for Freedom and Democracy, in calling for the withdrawal of the President's Constitutional Declaration and relaunch of the dialogue with the liberal opposition."

Marietje Schaake (D66,Netherlands) has also been quick to condemn the move, urging EU High Representative, Baroness Ashton, to respond by freezing all financial assistance to Egypt:

"President Morsi placed himself and all his decisions above the law. The danger of a presidential tyranny looms. The EU should send a clear signal and freeze all financial assistance to the Egyptian government, until the President is once again subject to the law and judicial oversight”.

Edward McMillan-Scott (Lib Dem,UK), Parliament's Vice President responsible for Democracy and Human Rights added:

"With a single decree assuming plenipotentiary powers to himself President Morsi has done significant damage to himself and the popular revolution. This is all the more disappointing in light of his diplomatic success a few days ago in brokering a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. He should do an immediate about-turn and reverse the decree if he wishes to salvage any shred of legitimacy."