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Press release: Parliament supports request MEP Schaake for a debate on impact sanctions Iran

On May 24, 2016 the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament has supported the request of among others Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake to have a debate with the European Commission on the impact of American sanctions on European Companies that want to do business with and inside Iran. As part of the nuclear agreement with that country sanctions were lifted, but for many European companies the American sanctions still in place are very problematic. Schaake, responds: "The Nuclear deal with Iran provides the opportunity to break through the country's self-chosen isolationism. That is an opportunity for Europe, but especially important for the Iranian population and economy. The current lack of clarity surrounding American sanctions creates legal uncertainty for European businesses. That is why we are calling on the Commission to look at the current situation and to address it with the Americans. Companies need to have legal certainty and it cannot be the case that American sanctions de facto determines EU policy. If we want to keep Iran to its commitments in the nuclear deal, then the Americans must also keep theirs and unequivocally suspend the sanctions as agreed." Besides the vote on these questions to the Commission, the Trade Committee also discussed an opinion on trade relations with Iran, which has been drafted by Schaake. "Even though the nuclear deal provides and opportunity, it must be clear that trade is only one part of a broader agenda. The role that Iran plays in the region is cause for great concern. A broadening of the relations with Iran must go hand in hand with structural improvements in the area of respect for human rights. Too often, the judiciary applies the death penalty, there are no free and fair elections, freedom of expression is not respected and the rights of women and minorities are under great pressure. Further, there are huge problems with corruption and many parts of the economy are in the hands of state institutions. The EU should work towards restarting talks on Iran's accession to the World Trade Organisation as this would embed the country in the global rules based system and would allow us to hold it to commitments that Iran makes." For the Oral Question on US sanctions impacting EU business in Iran click here.