Press release: Verhofstadt: "Russia and China share responsibility for Homs massacre"


Guy Verhofstadt, Leader of Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament has condemned Russia and China for vetoing the UN Security Council resolution on Syria just hours after the Syrian regime launched an assault on the city of Homs that has left hundreds of civilians dead.

ALDE Press release, 05.02.2012

"To gag the UN on the same day that Assad is butchering women and children on the streets of Homs is a new low for Russia and China. The EU should seek to take action along with the US and Arab League to establish safe havens and protect Syrian population from further massacres."

"Assad has reached a new low and condemned himself in the eyes of the world. Any leader who shoots on his own people loses the right to govern," added Verhofstadt. Marietje Schaake (D66, Netherlands), ALDE group spokesperson on Syria said: "Assad must be firmly condemned and held accountable for his atrocities. The EU should now restrict diplomatic ties with Syria and the EU High Representative must be firm in condemning the obstruction of China and Russia of the proposed UN resolution and should attach serious consequences should Russia continue sponsoring Assad. Meanwhile we must support Turkey and the Arab League in any initiative to end the murderous violence of the regime against the civilian population in Syria." Louis Michel (MR, Belgium), former EU commissioner for development and humanitarian affairs said: "I have spoken today to opposition leaders. They say the death toll in Homs is over 400 and that the Syrian army is marching through the streets in gas masks. We are on the edge of a humanitarian disaster or of a second Hama."