This website is an archive of the work of Marietje Schaake in the European Parliament between 2009 and 2019. Marietje can be reached at

Public Libraries 2020 Tour - Marietje Schaake interview

public-libraries Marietje Schaake shares her thoughts on how public libraries give people access to the digital society. Speaking to us in the public library of Tilburg, she says libraries perform not one, but a number of functions. "Some traditional, like reading, some new ones, like developing your skills." Public Libraries 2020 Tour highlights a series of stories from library users, librarians and politicians from across Europe, all with one central message: libraries change lives. The goal of the Public Libraries 2020 Tour is to show the fantastic work that Europe’s 65,000 public libraries are doing. The stories of library users, visionary librarians and politicians show some of the faces of the 100 million Europeans who visit their library every year.