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Questions to HR/VP Mogherini on situation in Kenya


On 8 February, Marietje Schaake submitted the following parliamentary questions to HR/VP Mogherini.

Kenyan media: Nation TV, KTN News and Citizen were taken off air for six days after the interior minister accused them of “possible incitement” for broadcasting an opposition rally, despite court rulings instructing the government to switch transmissions back on. Opposition figures were arrested, with some expelled from the country without trial. 

On 6 February, EU Ambassador to Kenya Dejak said live on NTV: “I'm learning that Kenya is a very vibrant democracy, that resembles democracy in Europe and the US (...) Kenya is a flag bearer for democracy.” He did not condemn the crackdowns. Earlier Dejak said he did not deliver the EUEOM’s report to the Government of Kenya, despite a request to do so (1).

1) Has the HR/VP taken note of the lines taken by Ambassador Dejak, particularly the divergence from the EUEOM and its recommendations? 

2) Does the HR/VP have concerns about the lack of respect for the rule of law and media freedom in Kenya, and what are the consequences of the crackdowns for EU-Kenya relations? 

3) What will be done to ensure Ambassador Dejak conveys lines taken by the EEAS such as during the EP Plenary debate, when full support for the EUEOM was expressed and what are the consequences in case an Ambassador consistently deviates from stated EU policy?

Please find the answer given by High Representative Mogherini via this link.