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Reaction MEP Schaake on Trump´s tariffs decision


The Trump administration has just announced that Europe will be no longer exempt from US steel and aluminum tariffs. The measures imposed on Europe - a political, economic and military ally of the US - are reckless and harmful to worldwide trade rules, according to D66 MEP Marietje Schaake. 

Schaake: "Trump kept Europe on a leash for weeks in order to force trade concessions and then opted for escalation instead of dialogue. Nobody will benefit from this decision. The Transatlantic relationship is going downhill while businesses and consumers are being thrown into great uncertainty." 

She continues: "Trump leaves us no choice. Europe must immediately adopt rebalancing countermeasures. While Trump opts for 'America-first' protectionism, Europe must continue to invest in strengthening the global trading system based on rules."

Watch also MEPĀ“s Schaake intervention yesterday in the European Parliament on the same topic below: