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Response to reports that Germany seeks to postpone scheduled EU accession talks with Turkey

"In this tense situation it is unwise to slam the door. Instead, it makes sense to engage in direct talks, especially on difficult issues. It is easy to pull the plug, but eventually contact will become more difficult. We have expressed our grave concerns about the excessive police violence against peaceful protestors and have consistently addressed deeper problems in Turkey, such as the lack of press freedom and the rule of law. The Erdoğan government has to change course. Yet, Turkey is and will remain a key partner for the EU, not only as candidate-member or trading partner, but also as a NATO-ally in an instable region." "Especially now, we hear calls from within Turkey for more press freedom, women's rights and a pluralistic democracy, calls for representation beyond the ruling part. This situation creates a window of opportunity in Turkey's society and an chance for the EU to step up efforts to improve the rule of law in Turkey such as the independence of the judiciary and respect for the fundamental rights of all people in Turkey. German obstructionism risks undermining this opening and lacks long term strategic perspective". Schaake wants the EU to act collectively and responsibly. Taking drastic decisions in reply to a crisis is not the right way. More information on the European Parliaments position and adopted Resolution on the situation in Turkey can be found here.