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Rule of law must be central in EU-Egypt partnership

Press release

The rule of law and human rights must be central to the EU - Egypt partnership

The Liberal and Democrat Group in the European Parliament has urged HRVP Federica Mogherini to move the protection of the rule of law and human rights, including support for the civil society, to the core of the EU's partnership with Egypt.

Ahead of the EU-Egypt Association Council, which is to adopt the priorities in the EU-Egypt relationship for the next 3 years, ALDE Group leader, Guy Verhofstadt, sent a letter to Mrs. Mogherini on behalf of the group warning about the brutal crackdown on Egyptian civil society and the rule of law, on freedom of speech and assembly and about appalling treatment of prisoners, urging the High Representative to urgently address these concerns with Egyptian authorities.

Marietje Schaake said:

"President Sisi is increasingly cracking down on Egyptian civil society and stifling opposition groups. Under his rule, arbitrary arrests, torture in detention facilities and human rights violations have become common practice. Instead of addressing these concerns, EU leaders continue placing short term (economic) interests over the long term credibility and decisiveness of the EU. The fact that EU leaders met with Egyptian foreign minister Sameh Shoukry last week without any mention of human rights is a case in point. It is unacceptable that the two largest groups in the European Parliament, the S&D and EPP continue to block a resolution about Egypt."