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​Sanctions needed to avoid impunity of cyber attackers

Press release

Today the European Council was not able yet to expand the scope of its sanctions regime to include cyber attacks.  

Marietje Schaake: “This is a missed opportunity. State-sponsored cyber attacks have risen year after year. Holding those responsible for cyberattacks with a European sanction regime is crucial to deter future attacks. Currently, there are often no consequences for attackers. Some member states apparently do not see the urgency of the need to stop the digital arms race and are ready to run the risk of more cyberattacks in the near future. We cannot afford to wait any longer.”

Election interference  

Schaake is a member of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace, which recommended that States sign a pledge or commitment to refrain from engaging in cyber operations against the technical electoral infrastructure of another state.The governments of The Netherlands, France and EStonia have all supported the group.  

Schaake: “Interfering in democratic elections should have consequences. Sanctions can offer a solution here. Restrictive measures are a key tool for the EU to protect its citizens and infrastructure. Without them, all what’s left of the EU Cybersecurity Strategy is an empty toolbox.”