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Saudi Arabia pressering EU member states on Yemen


Today, Marietje Schaake submitted the following questions to High Representative Federica Mogherini.


On Thursday (July 26th), the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed it has been pressured by Saudi Arabia to alter its critical position regarding the country’s destructive role in Yemen (1).

In its capacity as chair of the UN Security Council, the Netherlands initiated a discussion about the Saudi blockage of Yemen and its consequences for the humanitarian crisis in the country. Saudi Arabia subsequently sent signals that the Netherlands’ position could lead to the imposition of sanctions on Dutch companies.  

In September last year, the Netherlands and Canada tabled a resolution in the UN Human Rights Council calling for an independent commission of inquiry to investigate ongoing atrocities. After pressure from Saudi Arabia on European countries, including France Greece and the United Kingdom, that proposal was significantly watered down to an inquiry by a group of experts.  

1. Is the HR/VP aware of the threats issued by Saudi Arabia against European member states and if so, will she condemn such behaviour on behalf of the EU as a whole?

2. In cases in which sanctions are imposed on a single member state, what measures does the EU have at its disposal to respond?

3. Will the VP/HR consider putting in place measures, including an EU arms embargo, against Saudi Arabia to end the ongoing violence and humanitarian disaster in Yemen?