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Schaake disappointed in JURI copyright vote

Press release

Schaake disappointed in JURI copyright vote  

Today, the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament approved proposals to reform the EU’s copyright framework. It included controversial proposals such as a new right for press publishers (also known as the “link tax”), and a requirement for internet companies to create “upload filters”.  

On article 13  

MEP Marietje Schaake (D66/ALDE): “This disappointing vote opens the door for a privatised Big Brother, in which internet companies are forced to control uploads before people can upload something online. This is a threat to freedom of expression and the right not to be subjected to general monitoring. Copyright should enabling creativity, but this decision will instead mute creativity and further enforce the position of big platforms. While large companies can afford taking any measures, small ones can not.”  

On article 11  

Schaake: “It is very disappointing to see a small majority reject a balanced compromise proposal which would enforce the bargaining power of the publishers, while also securing our freedom of speech online. This vote is not the end of the debate. We will continue to gather support for sensible, 21st century solutions, instead of harmful ones.”  

Schaake earlier collected the support of 110 MEPs to oppose the new publishers right in the copyright reform proposal.