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Schaake: negotiations to ease Transatlantic trade tensions

Press release

The EU member states just gave the European Commission the green light to start trade negotiations with the United States. Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake (D66/ALDE) welcomes Europe's move to engage, but emphasises that a number of conditions have to be met by the Trump administration before any agreement can be concluded. 

Schaake: 'Trump continues pressuring the Transatlantic trade relationship. Just last week he threatened imposing tariffs on a number of European products. The only way ease these tensions is to sit down and talk together.'

Schaake continues: 

'Europe shouldn't allow itself to get dragged into Trump's violent rhetoric, but we also shouldn't be naive. The starting of negotiations is a way to keep the dialogue open, but an agreement can only be finalised if the United States lift the current measures on steel and aluminum and when the threat to impose tariffs on European cars is removed for good.'