Speech at PDF 2014: The political fight for the open internet

On 5 June, Marietje Schaake spoke at the Personal Democracy Forum about the fight to save the open internet. Human rights and fundamental freedoms need to be at the top of the agenda. They must not be eroded in the name of increasing security. Human rights and security are not a zero-sum game, the two are intertwined. Existing laws need to be updated to make them future-proof and increase resilience to strengthen democracy and openness. Schaake wants the EU and the US to take the lead in this, for example by creating better export controls on dangerous technologies which are used all over the world to violate human rights and repress populations. This runs counter to our values, but it also harms our strategic interests. Schaake is a member of the Global Commission on Internet Governance, with which she will look for a strategic vision on the future of internet governance. Her prime interest is human rights and digital freedoms.