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Speech in subcommittee on Human Rights on recent visit to Turkey

On May 30, Marietje Schaake gave a speech in the meeting of the subcommittee on Human Rights (DROI) on her recent visit to Turkey. Please find below the video (7 minutes) of her intervention. The complete discussion (33 minutes) in the DROI meeting on this visit, including a response from a representative of the Turkish Embassy, can be viewed below as well. See also: 19-05-2016 Report on visit to Turkey 13-04-2016 Plenary speech on the Report on Turkey 13-04-2016 MEP: Reject cynical deal making with Turkey and focus on rule of law and rights 15-03-2016 No horse trading with Turkey on human rights 07-03-2016 MEP: European Parliament must address rule of law and rights violations in Turkey

26-01-2016 Written Question: Follow up question on the EU-Turkey deal and the Commission letter to Turkey

25-01-2016 Commission letter to Turkey on renewing accession negotiations