Statement on adoption of EU negotiating mandate for transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP)

Dutch MEP Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66), EU-US trade relations spokesperson forthe European Liberals, reacts to the adoption of an EU negotiating mandate for a Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment treaty (TTIP):
"This is an important day for the European Union. With this mandate the European Commission has a good position at the negotiating table. Now work needs to be done, and this will not be easy. Yet the economic and strategic benefits of a broad transatlantic trade agreement are too big to ignore. As a MEP I will see to it that the rights and interests of all Europeans are looked after."
This evening European trade ministers approved a negotiating mandate for the European Commission at a Council meeting in Luxembourg. It is expected that this Monday the negotiations will be launched, with the first round of negotiations taking place in the second week of July.Schaake has a list of "frequently asked questions" about the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) on her website.