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Syrian asylum seekers in Turkey

Written Questions

On July 17th, Marietje Schaake submitted parliamentary written questions to the Commission on the reported suspension of registration of Syrian asylum seekers in Turkey. Please find the questions below.

On July 16th 2018, Human Rights Watch published a report stating that Turkish authorities in Istanbul and nine provinces on or near the Syrian border have stopped registering nearly all Syrian asylum seekers that arrived since late 2017 or early 2018, according to multiple sources. This comes on top of other practices leading to unlawful deportations, coerced returns to Syria and the denial of health care and education. Furthermore, Turkey does not allow independent monitoring of whether unregistered Syrians signing up for return are doing so voluntarily or whether they are effectively being coerced.

1. Is the Commission aware of the report on the suspension of registration of Syrian asylum seekers in Turkey and how does the Commission assess the situation?

2. How does the Commission assess that the mentioned findings relate to the conditions under the pre-accession funds (IPA I and II) and neighbourhood funds (ENI) managed through the EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey?

3. Does the Commission agree that the suspension of registration of Syrian asylum seekers would not be in line with the Copenhagen criteria and furthermore violate Turkey's international commitments?