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The case of Ahmad Waqas Goraya and other online activists in Pakistan

Written Question to High Representative Mogherini

Today, Marietje Schaake submitted the following written questions to High Representative Federica Mogherini concerning the case of Mr Ahmad Waqas Goraya and other online activists in Pakistan.

On January 6th, security forces in Lahore, Pakistan abducted Mr Ahmad Waqas Goraya, together with three other online activists(1). Mr Goraya, a resident of the Netherlands since 2007, was subsequently tortured and abused.

Friends and family of all men were kept in the dark about their faith and whereabouts until their release on January 28th.

1.Was the VP/HR aware of the case of Mr Goraya and of numerous other cases of enforced disappearances of (online)critics of Pakistan’s military establishment and if so, has the VP/HR discussed these cases in which bloggers face abuse, enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings, with Pakistani authorities as part of a broader dialogue concerning the increasing crackdown by the Pakistani military on any form of dissent?

2.Since returning to the Netherlands, Mr Goraya and his family have faced threats and verbal abuse. Is the VP/HR aware of the fact that Pakistani authorities extend their influence to within EU member states and incite hatred and distrust amongst Pakistani citizens living abroad against each other?

3.How will this case and others like it be featured in EU-Pakistan relations, including in a new 'Strategic Engagement Plan' and the monitoring in the context of the Generalised Scheme of Preferences?