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The case of Sabri Hassanpour and other dual nationals imprisoned in Iran

Written Question to High Representative Mogherini

Today Marietje Schaake submitted the following questions to High Representative Mogherini concerning the case of Mr Sabri Hassanpour imprisoned in Iran. 

On June 24th 2017  a Dutch newspaper reported the case of Mr Sabri Hassanpour. Mr Hassanpour has dual Dutch-Iranian citizenship and has been imprisoned in Iran, without a trial, for spying since April 2016 (1). Diplomatic efforts by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs to negotiate Mr Hassanpour’s release through diplomatic channels have so far been without result.  

Mr Hassanpour suffers from a heart condition and his family is unable to pay the 125.000 euro’s set for his release. 

In addition to Mr Hassanpour, two other Dutch-Iranian nationals, as well as other dual citizens, including Kamal Foroughi, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, Siamak and Baquer Namazi, Robin Shahini and Nizar Zakka are currently imprisoned in Iran. 

1.      Is the VP/HR aware of the case of Mr Hassanpour and if so how does she judge his case, most notably the charges against him and his imprisonment without a trial? 
2.      Will the VP/HR be in contact with Iranian authorities at the earliest possible opportunity to discuss the cases of Mr Hassanpour and all other dual nationals currently imprisoned in Iran and their release? 
3.      When will the next EU-Iran human rights dialogue take place and which substantive progress does the HR/VP expect from Iran in the field of human rights in the coming period?