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The case of Wini Omer in Sudan

Written Questions

Marietje Schaake today submitted questions following the arrest and prosecution of journalist and human right's defender Wini Omer in Sudan.

On Tuesday the 24th of July, journalist Wini Omer appeared before a Sudanese court facing charges of disturbing public order. She also is at risk at being charged with crimes against the state, punishable with a death sentence. 

Ms Omer is a fervent human- and women’s rights activist and recently spoke out against the death sentence imposed against Noura Houssein, which was later turned into a life sentence. 

  • Is the HR/VP aware of the case of Ms Omer and does the EU delegation in Khartoum actively follow her case and trial?
  • Over the past years, Sudan has sentenced thousands of women to public flogging for disturbing public order. What specific measures is the EU undertaking in its relations with the Sudanese government to improve and promote women’s rights?

  • Under the new budgetary proposals for the EU’s external relations, the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), which specifically funds, amongst others, journalists under threat, promotes freedom of expression, freedom of the press and media pluralism, is set to be scrapped. How will this possibility - and with it EU support to journalists and human rights defenders under threat in third countries - be maintained under the new Commission proposal?