The charges against Sara Mardini, NGO's and their staff in Greece

Priority written questions

Last week, Sara Mardini was arrested by Greek authorities. Sara Mardini is the sister of Yusra Mardini, UNHRC Goodwill Ambassador and a member of the 2016 Olympic Games refugee team. Both Sara and Yusra fled the ongoing violence in Syria, finding shelter in Germany while saving the lives of other refugees along the way. Sara is a scholarship student at Bard college in Berlin and was volunteering for ECRI on the island of Lesbos.  

1. Is the commission aware of the case of Ms Mardini and/or other individuals working for internationally recognized NGO’s being arrested on similar ground by the Greek authorities? 

2. Has the commission been in contact with Greek authorities about the exact charges being brought against Ms Mardini and/or others? 

3. Have Europol staff posted to Greece to assist in the fight against migrant smuggling been notified of these recent arrests and have they, based on their independent assessment, reason to believe that organisations posting as NGO’s in Greece are in reality engaging in illegal activities including migrant smuggling?