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The export of dirty fuels to West Africa

Written Questions

On the 9th of July, the Netherlands Human Transport and Environment Inspectorate reported the shipping of gasoline and diesel containing toxic components, which are highly hazardous for human health, from Dutch to West African ports. (1) 

Regulation 1907/2006 prohibits the use of such fuels, but not their production, in Europe.

The export of chemicals and/or hazardous waste is regulated by the Basel and Rotterdam Conventions. Under these conventions, export is prohibited if an importing country has given notification that it considers a certain good dangerous and/or prohibited.

1. Is the Commission aware of this report and/or similar reports from other European countries and/or will she ask the EU member states to provide additional information on their export of such fuels?

2. Are the prohibition of the export and import of chemicals that jeopardise human life part of the ongoing negotiations between the EU and the ECOWAS countries for an Economic Partnership Agreement?  

3. How does the Commission believe the findings in the report above relate to the OECD guidelines for responsible business conduct, even in cases where an importing country may not have given notification under the Basel and Rotterdam Conventions?