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The expulsion of a Dutch journalist from Morocco

Written Questions

This weekend (16-17 February), Dutch journalist Gerbert van der Aa was expelled from Morocco. Mr van der Aa arrived in Morocco last week to do research for a story about illegal migration from Morocco to Europe and was also set to speak to a human rights activist about the situation in the Rif area. 

The case of Mr van der Aa does not stand alone. In the past years, correspondent Rik Goverde and freelance journalist Sjoukje Rietbroek were also forced to leave the country. This summer correspondent Koen Greven and photographer Jose Colon were followed by the secret service while on an assignment in Morocco (1).

1. Is the HR/VP aware of the expulsion of Mr van der Aa and has she or her services been in touch with Morocco authorities about his case?

2. When is the last time the HR/VP has discussed the worrying state of press freedom in Morocco, including expulsions and the imprisonment of numerous journalists based on vague and overly broad state security and terrorism charges with Moroccan authorities at the highest level?