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The Future of News in a Hyperconnected World

01 Mar 2017
12:30 - 15:00
European Parliament, room P5B001
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On March 1st, Marietje Schaake will be hosting an event on the future of news, from 12:30 to 15:00 in the European Parliament in Brussels.

Independent journalism is under pressure as a result of financial constraints. Local media are hardly surviving and free online content is sprawling. On social media platforms that are built for maximum profit, sensational stories easily go viral, even if they are not true.

Online propaganda is at an all-time high and personalised newsfeeds result in filter bubbles, which has a direct impact on the state of democracy.

On March 1st, we will explore how journalists and companies see their position and the role of social media and technology.

12.30-13.45 Session 1 – How to survive as a news company?

• Rasmus Kleis Nielsen (Director of research at Reuters Institute of Journalism, University of Oxford)

• Rob Wijnberg (De Correspondent)

• Marco Pancini (Google)

• Francois Le Hodey (IPM Group, publisher of La Libre Belgique)

13.45- 15.00 Session 2 - Impact of social media on business models, democracy, fake news

• Anne Appelbaum (Washington Post)

• Richard Allen (Facebook)

• Krisztina Stump (European Commission)