Transatlantic Week: roundtable sessions on TTIP and Internet Governance


Roundtable Sessions in the Transatlantic Week

July 21-23 Captiol Hill, Washington D.C. Organised by Transatlantic Policy Network Transatlantic Week Transatlantic Week includes discussion fora focusing on both key areas of TTIP negotiations that could act as drivers for economic growth and other fields where the US and EU can deepen their cooperation. In addition to developing practical recommendations for near-term action, the Transatlantic Week will aim to raise the profile of the transatlantic partnership and its potential in managing key challenges more effectively through joint transatlantic cooperation. Participants will include officials from the US Administration and European Commission, Members of Congress and the European Parliament, as well as representatives from the business, academic and think tank communities on both sides of the Atlantic. Marietje Schaake will speak in the following roundtable discussions on July 22. TTIP: The Political Agenda Ahead Moderator: Paul Adamson Fellow panellists: David Martin MEP, Gregory Meeks (Member of Congress), Maria Diaz-Balart (Member of Congress) Towards a transatlantic digital market II: A new model for internet governance? Moderator: Susan Danger (managing director AmCham EU) Fellow panellists: Amb Daniel Sepulveda (Dept Asst Secretary of State, Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs), Megan Richards (Principal advisor, DG Content and Technology, European Commission), Bob Goodlatte (chairman, House Committee on the Judiciary)
Transatlantic Policy Network (TPN) Launched in 1992 to promote the closest possible partnership between the Governments and the peoples of the European Union and the United States, the Transatlantic Policy Network (TPN) has a proud record of achievement as well as vital ambitions for the future. TPN’s immediate priority is to strongly encourage the United States and the European Union to agree a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). TPN has argued the case for progress towards transatlantic free trade and a close political partnership for nearly 20 years, with a particular focus on creating a Transatlantic Market by 2020. More info… TTIP EU US VS