Trust in Digital Life, The Hague

08042e9 On Tuesday June 17th Marietje Schaake will give a keynote speech on the 'Multiple Views on Blockchain: technology, use cases, economics and policies' during the event on Trust in Digital Life in The Hague. The event is a working group on blockchain organized by Intel within Trust in Digital Life, an association composed of corporations, SMEs and universities. TDL community aims at creating a trusted and vibrant digital ecosystem which benefits both citizens and economy. The main topics of each presentation are: - Regulating blockchain uses rather than technology and adapting existing legislative frameworks to new challenges posed by blockchain applications; - Experience of Dutch association of blockchain companies, how to self-regulate to ensure consumer protection; - Leveraging blockchain architecture to decentralize data governance; - Personal data in the blockchain and how to protect data in open/closed blockchains. For the full program please click here

Event Registration

If you would like to reserve your place, please register by clicking on the link below or alternatively contact Ben Wild at or on +32(0)27438581.