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UK sold cluster munition used by Saudi Arabia in Yemen

Written Question

Yesterday Marietje Schaake submitted the following question to High Representative Federica Mogherini:

British government analysis today indicated that cluster munitions made in and sold by the UK to Saudi Arabia were used by the latter country in the conflict in Yemen (1).

The United Kingdom is a state party to the 2010 Convention on Cluster Ammunition, under which it has undertaken to refrain from developing, producing or transfering, to anyone, directly or indirectly, cluster munitions.

1. Is the VP/HR aware of the results of the UK own-initiative report and if so, has she discussed the outcome and its relation with the European Union Code of Conduct on Arms Exports with British government officials at the highest level?

2. In February 2016, the European Parliament called for an EU arms embargo against Saudi Arabia; has COARM subsequently discussed the matter of an arms embargo and if so, what has been the outcome of these discussions?

3. In relation to adherence to international arms treaties, what role do the European Commission and European Council play in a coordinated adherence by the EU member states to international arms treaties?