Video - The State of the Union: Surveillance and Freedom in Europe

Marietje Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, May 8 The State of the Union conference, organised by the European University Institute (EUI), is an annual event for high-level reflection on the European Union. The conference’s fifth edition will bring together leading academics, policy-makers, civil society representatives, business and opinion leaders to discuss four main topics, all confronting the future of Europe. These are the establishment of the Alcide De Gasperi Research Centre, Europe's place in the world, a new Schuman Declaration for the 21st century and the impact of surveillance in Europe.

Surveillance and Freedom in Europe

This session concentrates on Europe’s choices in respect of better security through surveillance with or without compromising privacy, data protection and other fundamental rights. The discussion marks the publication of the final report of the SURVEILLE project, gathers representatives of EU institutions and member states, disseminates the results of the project and discusses their policy implications. Chair: Miguel Poiares Maduro, Minister for State and Regional Development and Minister Adjunct to the Prime Minister of Portugal Speakers: Gilles de Kerchove, Counter-terrorism coordinator, EU Council Gus Hosein, Executive Director, Privacy International Marietje Schaake, Member of the European Parliament For more information, please visit the website of the State of the Union 2015.