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Written Question on exports of sensitive military materials to Iran, Myanmar, Sudan and Syria

On December 8, Marietje Schaake submitted the following Parliamentary Written Questions to the European Commission concerning exports of sensitive military materials to Iran, Myanmar, Sudan and Syria. Author: Marietje Schaake Subject: Exports of sensitive military materials to Iran, Myanmar, Sudan and Syria On 08/12/2015, it was revealed that military sensitive materials, such as radar-, sonar and navigation systems were sold to Iran, Myanmar, Sudan and Syria by a subsidiary of the Dutch company Imtech, Radio Holland.(1) The deals are alleged to have continued into the beginning of 2015. All of these countries are subject to (different) sanctions regimes. The systems concerned would appear to fall under either the export controls of the dual-use regulation (EC No 428/2009) or the Council Common Position on Arms Exports (2008/944/CFSP). Was the Commission aware of possible violations of EU export control policy and the sanctions regime by Radio Holland, how does it assess this revelation and how does it plan to respond? Is the Commission aware of other European companies that have violated EU export control policy or sanctions regime and how is information of this kind shared between the European Member States and the Commission? How does the European Commission plan to strengthen EU export control policy, both in the context of dual-use and arms exports in the future? (1) wq-imtech
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