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Written Question on the arrest of Sergei Mitrokhin


On November 10, Marietje Schaake together with other Members of the European Parliament, submitted to Vice-President / High Representative of Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini, Written Parliamentary Questions on the arrest of Sergei Mitrokhin (the leader of The Russian United Democratic Party 'Yabloko', an ALDE member party), last Saturday in Russia.

Authors: Hans van Baalen, Petras Austrevicius, Javier Nart, Marietje Schaake, Ilhan Kyuchyuk, Ivo Vajgl, Jozo Rados Subject: Arrest Sergei Mitrokhin - Yabloko
  • Is the HRVP aware of the violent arrest of Sergei Mitrokhin, leader of the Russian opposition party Yabloko, on Saturday 07/11 during the annual remembrance of the Russian officers (Junkers) who fought against the Bolshevik coup d´etat in 1917?
  • Does the HRVP agree that the arrest of Sergei Mitrokhin, who has now been (for the time being) released but threatened with many years of imprisonment, is unacceptable and another indication that the position of opposition groups in Russia is rapidly deteriorating?
  • Is the HRVP prepared to raise this issue with the Russian authorities and which actions will the HRVP undertake to improve the position of opposition voices in Russia?
Sergei Mitrokhin