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Written question regarding implementation of the BICI report in Bahrain

Please below a written question tabled by Marietje Schaake to High Representative Catherine Ashton, concerning the implementation of the BICI report in Bahrain. The official document can be found here. In the aftermath of government repression of demonstrations in Bahrain in 2011, the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) released a report which gave a large number of recommendations on how Bahrain should implement reforms, to move towards more inclusive democracy and address human rights violations. In an interview on June 13, the head of the BICI, Cherif Bassiouni, indicated that while some reform has taken place, the overall implementation of the recommendations has been piece-meal and insufficient to truly address the problems Bahrain faces. [1] These shortcomings have already frequently been addressed by NGOs and the European Parliament. 1. How does the VP/HR assess the implementation of the BICI report? 2. Is the VP/HR or the EEAS in contact with the Bahraini authorities regarding the implementation of the BICI report? 3. What, if any, support has the VP/HR offered the Bahraini authorities in its implementation of the BICI report? 4. How do the VP/HR and the EEAS plan to move forward in pushing the Bahraini authorities towards more democracy and respect for human rights? 5. Is the VP/HR planning on adopting an EU strategy towards Bahrain, especially concerning the release of prisoners of conscience, as called for in European Parliament resolution on Bahrain of 6 February 2014? [2] If so, when will the VP/HR do so?