Written Question to the Commission concerning internet censorship laws in Turkey

On 16 September, Marietje Schaake submitted written questions to the European Commission concerning internet censorship laws in Turkey. Please see below a plain text version and the original document. --- On 10 September, just days after the UN's Internet Governance Forum took place in Istanbul, Prime Minister Davotoglu's government in Turkey adopted new provisions that violate Turkish internet users' digital freedoms. One measure allows the Turkish High Council for Telecommunications (TIB) to close down a website on the basis of national security within four hours. A second provision allows TIB the to obtain internet traffic data from Internet Service Providers without a court order. A similar provision included in a bill passed last February was struck down by the previous President, Abdullah Gül. 1. Is the Commission aware of these new provisions and if so, how does it asses them? 2. Does the Commission agree that these provisions intrude on the digital freedoms of Turkish internet users and if so, how has it addressed this concern with th Turkish authorities or how is it planning to do so in the future? 3. Does the Commission agree that the provisions adopted violate the Copenhagen criteria, which include benchmarks on the respect for people's fundamental rights and freedoms, also online and what strategy does the Commission have to address the fundamental undermining of the rule of law, the separation of powers, freedom of speech and freedom of information that has been going on in Turkey since the end of 2013? --- [embed]/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/WQ_internet_censorship_laws_Turkey.pdf[/embed]