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Written Questions on arms exports to Bahrain


On June 17, Marietje Schaake submitted to Vice-President / High Representative of Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini, Parliamentary Written Questions on arms exports to Bahrain. Please find the questions below.

Author(s): Marietje Schaake Subject: Arms exports to Bahrain Since the violent repression of the uprising in Bahrain in 2011, the European Parliament has repeatedly called for restrictions of arms sales from the EU to Bahrain. However, Member States have continued to supply arms and security equipment to the country. It has been reported that the United States is now also moving to lift its restrictions of arms sales to the country.(1) The human rights situation in Bahrain remains worrying. What have the VP/HR and the EEAS done to ensure a coherent and strict adherence to the 2008 Common Position on arms export controls, vis-a-vis Bahrain, especially with regard to criteria 2 and 3, which concern the human rights situation in a country and the internal situation in a country? Have the VP/HR and the EEAS discussed the issue of arms sales to Bahrain with the United States, and if so, what was the content and result of these discussions? How does the VP/HR plan to address the export of arms and security equipment (including dual-use items) from member states to Bahrain in the future, especially in light of the ongoing violation of human rights and systemic problems regarding the rule of law, as confirmed by the recent conviction of Sheikh Ali Salman, general secretary of the Al Wefaq opposition party? (1)
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