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Written Questions on halting the broadcast of tv channels in Turkey

On October 12, Marietje Schaake together with other MEPs from the liberal ALDE Group submitted the following Parliamentary Written Questions to the European Commission concerning halting the broadcast of tv channels in Turkey. Topic: On halting the broadcast of tv channels in Turkey After receiving a legal order from the ´Bureau for Crimes Against the Constitutional Order’ of the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, seven TV channels have been removed from one of Turkey’s leading pay satellite network and TV operators, Digitürk. Turkcell TV+, an online TV streaming service and Tivibu has announced that they have removed the stations as well. Today, Türksat's digital satellite platform Teledünya has also halted the broadcast of TV stations Bugün TV, Shaber and Samanyolu. The channels belong to one of Koza İpek, Samanyolu Media and Feza Publications, which are long known to have close ties with the Gülen movement, whose members played an active role in restricting media freedom themselves. (1) 1. How do these measures relate to the respect for media freedom and the right to receive information which are part of the Copenhagen criteria? 2. Does the Commission agree media freedom and respect for human rights are crucial, particularly in light of upcoming elections? 3. How does the Commission plan to address its concerns to the Turkish authorities regarding the crackdown on Turkish media in the run up to the snap elections scheduled for 1 November? (1) Marietje Schaake Sophie in 't Veld Matthijs van Miltenburg Gerben Jan Gebrandy Petras Austrevicius Fredrick Federley Jean Marie Cavada Jose Inacio Faria WQ-turkey-tv See also on Turkey: 01-09-2015 Written Questions on press freedom in Turkey 08-06-2015 MEP: Turkish election results offer opportunity to improve EU-Turkey relations 21-05-2015 MEP: Turkey must reverse authoritarian trend to remain a key EU partner 20-05-2015 Plenary debate on the 2014 Progress Report on Turkey 22-04-2015 MEPs: We must defend all those standing on the front-line for free speech in Turkey 07-04-2015 Media (CNN) – Schaake: Turkey internet blockade is bad for business 06-04-2015 Media (Bloomberg) – Facebook, Twitter to Appeal as Turkey Blocks Social Media 31-03-2015 MEP responds to acquittal 236 suspects in Balyoz/Sledgehammer case