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Written Questions on the detention and forced psychiatric tests of a 16 year old blogger in Singapore

On June 29, Marietje Schaake submitted to Vice-President / High Representative of Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini, Parliamentary Written Questions on the detention and forced psychiatric tests of a 16 year old blogger in Singapore. Please find the full text below. Author: Marietje Schaake Subject: Detention and forced psychiatric tests of 16 year old blogger in Singapore Amos Yee, a 16-year-old blogger from Singapore, has been transferred to the Institute of Mental Health, where he will undergo forced psychiatric tests after a court ruling on the 23d of June 2015. Yee was jailed after he posted blog entries in which he criticized the fact that he could not post any content online until a court had ruled about the permissibility of a Youtube video he uploaded about the death of late prime minister Lee Kuan Yew. He faces up to three years in prison or 18 months in a juvenile detention center. (1) According to former VP Catherine Ashton, the EU-Singapore Partnership and Cooperation Agreement is a "vehicle for developing broad-based and mutually-beneficial cooperation in fields such as (...) technology. It is based on universally recognised principles that we share." (2) 1) Is the VP/HR aware of this case? Does she consider his forced detention a violation of SingaporeĀ“s treaty obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of Child? 2) To what extent are freedom of speech and broader digital rights issues being discussed within the context of the PCA? (1) (2)
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