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Written Questions on the ISIL terrorist listing

On November 11, Marietje Schaake submitted to Vice-President / High Representative of Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini, Parliamentary Written Questions in response to the leaked Russian draft proposals on the Syrian crisis. Author: Marietje Schaake (ALDE) Subject: WQ on ISIL terrorist listing On the 11th of November Russia's "Approach to the Settlement of the Syrian crisis" was obtained by the press. The plan proposed to list ISIL as a separate terrorist organisation by the UN Security Council.* 1. Does the HR/VP consider the listing of ISIL as a separate terrorist group a necessary measure given the fact that ISIL is currently listed by the Security Council as a terrorist organisation under the name Al-Qaida in Iraq (QDe. 115)? 2. Is the EU planning to put ISIL as a separate entity on the EU’s terrorist list? 3. Earlier the EU has stated that it will encourage additional listing requests to the UN's al-Qaeda Sanctions Committee, for example middlemen in the black market for oil in Syria and Iraq. Has the EU, or one of the Member States, already suggested additional listings, and, if so, how many suggestions have been made? * wq-isil