Written Questions on the Italian company Hacking Team's potential violations of EU sanctions

On July 7, Marietje Schaake submitted the following Parliamentary Written Questions to the European Commission concerning the Italian company Hacking Team's potential violations of EU sanctions. Please also read Schaake's blog: Hacking Team company at receiving end of hacks. Author: Marietje Schaake Subject: Italian company Hacking Team's potential violations of EU sanctions Internal documents from Italian company Hacking Team that were published online suggest that the company sold its Remote Control System (RCS) malware to the Sudanese government in 2012 (1), and received in March 2015 a payment for its services to Kvant, a Russian state-owned military radar producer (2). If correct, Hacking Team appears to have violated the EU sanctions regime on Sudan (Regulation 2015/735) and Russia (Regulation 833/2014) respectively. The UN panel that is mandated to monitor the implementation of the UN Sanctions Regime against Sudan has argued that the RCS is ideally suited to support ELINT operations that fall under the category 'military equipment' or 'assistance'. 1) Does the Commission believe Hacking Team has violated EU sanctions regimes? 2) Has the Commission been informed of any prior authorization given by the Italian authorities that would allow Hacking Team to export its products to Sudan or Russia, and is the Commission aware of a 'global authorization' that was given by the Italian authorities to Hacking Team that authorized the company to export its products freely in all countries of the Wassenaar agreement? 3) Has Hacking Team ever asked DG FPI any question regarding its interpretation of the EU sanctions regime against Sudan or Russia? (1) http://www.wired.com/2015/07/hacking-team-breach-shows-global-spying-firm-run-amok/ (2) http://www.buzzfeed.com/josephbernstein/leaked-documents-suggest-hacking-team-sold-controversial-sur#.bfD3zmLqw