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Written Questions on the Moroccan lawsuit against human rights defenders


On May 27, Marietje Schaake sent the following Written Questions to Vice-President / High Representative Mogherini.

According to Moroccan state news agency MAP, the Moroccan Interior Ministry has filed a lawsuit on the 8th of May against unnamed “people who prepared and distributed a report which includes serious accusations of spying by its services”. (1) The lawsuit follows the release of a report by UK Charity Privacy International, and its Moroccan partner NGO Association des Droits Numériques, which details the stories of four journalists who have been unjustifiably targeted by state surveillance techniques, including the  use of spyware of Italian surveillance company Hacking team. (2) Hishaam Almiraat, Samia Errazzouki and Yassir Kazar were part of Mamfakinch, a collective of citizen journalists born out of the February 20th Movement who are critical of the Government. Ali Anouzla is the Editor-in-Chief of the independent online media outlet Lakome. 1. Is the VP/HR aware of this investigation? 2. Which actions will the EU delegation in Rabat undertake to follow up on this investigation to ensure legitimate press activities are not stifled? 3. In case there are concerns about the purpose and impact of this case, will it be brought up in the next meeting of the EU-Morocco Subcommittee for human rights, democracy and governance? (1) (2)