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Written Questions on the prosecution of war crimes in Syria


On March 19, Marietje Schaake submitted to Vice-President / High Representative of Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini, Parliamentary Written Questions on the prosecution of war crimes in Syria. The Questions were co-signed by 52 Members of the European Parliament.

See also: 11-02-2015 MEP: Europe should support victims of IS terror in Iraq and Syria 30-01-2015 MEP: EU should take the lead in new diplomatic initiative Syria Please find the full text and supporting MEPs below. Prosecution of war crimes in Syria On 17 March 2015, investigators from the UN announced they would share names and details of persons suspected of war crimes in Syria with national authorities preparing cases. The compiled lists are said to include Syrian military and security officials and rebel commanders. The inquiry has called for Syria to be referred to the ICC, but has recommended that if that avenue is blocked an international ad hoc tribunal should be proposed. The EU regional strategy for Syria and Iraq, adopted by the FAC on 16 March 2015, states that the EU will work to support the UN Commission of inquiry on Syria. 1. How does the VP/HR assess the decision to provide information on suspected war criminals and in what ways are she and/or the EEAS in contact with the commission of inquiry? 2. How are the VP/HR and/or the EEAS pursuing the investigation and documentation of war crimes in Syria and does she agree that more funds should be made available to support the gathering of evidence and testimonies? 3. How are the VP/HR and/or the EEAS pushing for referral to the ICC and does she agree that, should this avenue remain blocked, an ad-hoc tribunal would be a useful mechanism to bring perpetrators to account? Marietje Schaake Catherine Bearder Nathalie Griesbeck Filiz Hyusmenova Gerard Deprez Barbara Lochbihler Judith Sargentini Juan Carlos Girauto Vidal Javier Nart Fernando Maura Barandiaran Petr Jezek Maite Pagazaurtundua Hilde Vautmans Sophie in 't Veld Hugues Bayet Doru Frunzulica Beatriz Becerra Basterrechea Martina Dlabajova Pavel Telicka Josef Weidenholzer Petras Austrevicius Merja Kyllönen Heidi Hautala Urmas Paet Marielle de Sarnez Frederique Ries Vincent Peillon Tunne Kelam Damiano Zoffoli Bodil Ceballos Jose Inacio Faria Fredrick Federley Ivo Vajgl Ilhan Kyuchyuk Hans van Baalen Milan Zver Iuliu Winkler Tanja Fajon Adam Szejnfeld Miroslav Poche Ernest Urtasun Nicola Caputa Fabio Castaldo Marc Tarabella Alyn Smith Ulrike Lunacek Keith Taylor Charles Tannock Izaskun Bilbao Barandica Jiri Pospisil Luke Ming Flanagan Ramon Tremosa i Balcells WQ-Syria