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Intra-EU cooperation on travel advice

Written questions to HR/VP Mogherini

In April 2015 EU member states adopted Directive 2015/637, which stipulates that any EU citizen in a non-EU country where his/her own national state has no representation is entitled to protection by the diplomatic or consular authorities of any other EU country.

The HR/VP has committed both the EEAS and the EU Delegations to ‘actively cooperate with Member States' embassies and consulates in contributing to these efforts’.  

At the same time, the EU member are responsible for the travel advice they provide to their citizens. Travel advice for third countries tend to vary per member state.  

1. Is the HR/VP aware of instances in which the embassy of an EU member state in a third country had to come to the aid of a national of another EU member state where the travel advice of both member states were not similar?

2. What role, if any, do EU delegations in third countries play in the coordination and alignment of the travel advice given by EU member states?

3. Does the HR/VP agree that a genuine European foreign policy warrants a larger role for the EEAS and EU Delegations in more closely aligning travel advice and that discrepancies in the travel advice from different EU member states could also put EU citizens at increased and unnecessary risk?