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European Artificial Intelligence Strategy lacks ambition


Today, the European Commission is presenting its long-awaited strategy to optimally exploit the opportunities of artificial intelligence (AI). MEP Marietje Schaake (ALDE) welcomes the strategy, but argues that some elements of the proposal lack a holistic vision and are not fully developed yet.  

Schaake: "This document describes a first attempt at a strategy: for example, no links are made yet with policy areas such as defense policy or competition. A strong European approach is desperately needed to catch-up with the US and China in this fast-moving environment.”  

Ethical questions

Schaake is happy that the strategy pays sufficient attention to the ethical issues surrounding the development and use of artificial intelligence applications. Schaake: "The Facebook scandal shows once again that we have to think very carefully about the impact of algorithms on our democracy, our lives and our industries. The era in which free rein was given to every new technological development is a thing of the past. Technology must be there for people, and not vice versa. "  


The European Commission announced that it would increase its investments in AI-related research with 1.5 billion euro's for the period 2018-2020.  

Schaake: "That is a considerable amount of money, but more important is the way in which this money will be spent. Europe has great added value if it can streamline the various initiatives of member states and businesses. We must also address the bureaucratic application procedure processes for applying to European research funds. This is one of the things we will be focusing on in the parliament. "