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Press release: Syrians deserve better than posturing and rhetorical statements from the EU


The EU must move beyond "posturing and rhetorical statements" this was the clear message from ALDE MEPs  today during a debate in the European Parliament on the situation in Syria.  They warned that if the EU fails to act immediately, Syria could move closer towards a religious civil war that will play into the hands of Al-Assad and his party.

ALDE Press release, 14.09.2011

Marietje Schaake, MEP (D66, Netherlands)  ALDE spokesperson on Syria said: "I support the European Parliament's insistence on further sanctions. The EU is Syria´s most important trade partner. We must leverage the trade relation and stand up for the defence of human rights. The Syrian business elite has a clear choice, doing business with Europe means breaking off ties with al-Assad. Assad has lost legitimacy in the eyes of the European Union and has to go. The EU now must do all it can to stand with the Syrian people, to support their peaceful fight for justice, rights and opportunities. The EU has been too slow and too divided on appropriate measures to stop the Assad regime from killing its citizens."

Louis Michel, MEP (MR,Belgium) "The Syrian population are struggling for more freedom, dignity and democracy.  We must show our support to them by concrete measures, I repeat what I have said before - create a protected area in northern Syria to help ease the refugee crisis and dismiss all Syrian diplomats in the EU. Bashar Al Assad must be totally isolated .   We have seen Turkey clamp down and Arab countries are distancing themselves also. Qatar was the first country to recall their ambassador, followed by Saudi Arabia,Kuwait and Bahrain."