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Schaake disappointed in copyright reform vote


Before summer the European Parliament rejected the mandate of the JURI-committee to start negotiations with EU Member States on the reform of the EU’s copyright directive. The Parliament has now adopted the mandate to start negotiation.

MEP Marietje Schaake is disappointed about the result: “The Parliament squandered the opportunity to get the copyright reform on the right track. This is a disastrous result for the protection of our fundamental rights, ordinary internet users and Europe´s future in the field of artificial intelligence. We have set a step backwards instead of creating a true copyright reform that is fit for the 21st century."

Earlier Schaake proposed compromise amendments on 5 key issues: 1) a limited Article 13 without upload filters, 2) a beefed up presumption right for press publishers, 3) a broad exception for text and data mining, 4) a new broad exception to enable freedom of panorama, 5) a new broad exception for user generated content in order to protect the meme.